About me

Hey there!

I’ve just moved to the country to fulfil a dream of almost 20 years. I’m not sure yet how this will work out:

  • new community
  • new friends
  • managing a 10 acre property
  • renovating an old house
  • Living far from the conveniences of water and sewer services
  • learning permaculture
  • becoming more sustainable
  • vegan cooking
  • etc

but I’ll share my adventures here.

Although I’ll be swapping most of my old pastimes for new ones, I’m hoping to always have time for reading great Aussie fiction. However, there’s farm and property management books creeping on to my To Be Read Pile too.

I have many years experience as a professional business, technical, media and grant writer. I’m hoping my new country lifestyle will inspire me to blog and write creatively.

All pics are my own unless credited.

Thanks for visiting!

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