Happy birthday

My birthday always involves some introspection. Today I’ve had additional time to  introspect as circumstances have led me to spend much of the day alone. It’s been great, and unnerving.

My birthday heralds an annual mid-life mini crisis. This year may become a mid-life medium or monumental crisis. It’s still evolving, pending my capacity to progress it or quash it.

I think a mid-life crisis generally might include changing homes and jobs. With my skills in self-diagnosis I have concluded that I am at risk. This afternoon with my husband I raised the prospect of our moving to the country. My poor shift-working husband, hit with this when he’d only just awoken and was yet to be caffeinated. After he left for work this evening I further developed my crisis, only just refraining from calling up a friend to ask her to refer me for a new job in the country. But sensibly, I’ll only need that new job if we do move to the country.

Sensibly . . . sensible. Every year after my birthday I sensibly suppress the crisis.

My husband and I have good jobs, we live in a good suburb, close to work and the kids’ schools. Choosing to be sensible is one way to suppress the crisis. But I have other methods. Other tools in my tool-belt include practicing gratitude for what I have; minor distractions like Facebook, watching TV and reading; and major distractions such as undertaking a university degree while working full time (guaranteed to reduce the time available to ruminate existentially).

Distracting myself, pushing additional information into my brain, or perhaps the occasional wine to relax my mind all help ensure there’s no time or inclination to ponder life and its overall direction. All of this can work, except when it’s my birthday.

I’m possibly due for a mid-life crisis. I’ve previously had an earlyish-life crisis. A monumental one, but the outcome was fantastic. I went out into the desert on a holiday and decided to never go back home. A story for another day.

image courtesy of @finnmacfee

Take off

Getting my blog off the ground has been much harder than I anticipated.

Over the past 2-3 weeks I’ve accumulated 165 followers on Twitter – massive right, I know 😉 – with not much to recommend me except a bio claiming I blog about books, bikes, bonding and banter. But the truth is I don’t blog. Well, that is until now. For the past few weeks I’ve been faking it.

Getting my blog off the ground has been much harder than I anticipated. Just writing my twelve-word twitter bio took twenty revisions. Who am I? How can I describe myself and what I’m setting out to achieve in just a few words? Who do I want to connect with?

How can I write about interests as diverse as nature, adventure, motorcycling, vegetarianism and step-parenting? I’m also passionate about writing, and Aussie fiction and film.

But 160-odd people signed up to follow me on Twitter. Even discounting the ‘bots’, and the people/pages who have connected with me hoping I’ll follow them back, in a few short weeks I’ve connected with at least a smattering of people interested in some aspect of me.

Making these connections has reinforced for me that we are all people with diverse interests, struggling to describe ourselves in a few words on a Twitter bio. I’ve been having enjoyable, short (it is Twitter) conversations with people on topics of mutual interest. I’ve met some great people! My hope is to connect with some more great people by blogging, with the scope to use a few more words.

This is blog post #1 – Take Off.

Photo courtesy of Instagram @finnmacfee